17th & 18th SEPTEMBER

Bell Ringing

Belbroughton is lucky - most people think - to have an active band of bell-ringers. We will be organising chiming in the church tower over the Scarecrow Festival for anyone who would like to try it.

Ringing goes back hundreds of years in many English Parish Churches but, as in many other places, it was rejuvenated in Belbroughton for the Millenium. We have six bells, ranging from a treble of a quarter ton to a tenor weighing over half a ton. Although most of the bells are over two hundred years old they were re-hung in 1971, at a reduced weight because the previous ones were damaging the tower too much. Even now the spire moves visibly when ringing is in full swing, but it has been strengthened in the recent repairs.

We do change ringing. That means making the bells strike in a different sequence every blow. Different patterns, or "methods", are made so that all possible sequences are made without any repetition. To ring all possible combinations on our six bells takes about twenty-five minutes.

We are also lucky enough to include a group of young ringers, ranging from 10 to 18, and experts who help to train us. We are always happy to welcome anyone of any age who would like to try it.