17th & 18th SEPTEMBER


All scarecrows wishing to enter the competition should register with us as soon as possible - but must register by no later than midday on the Saturday of the festival at the latest. Scarecrows from outside of the parish will need to register by 5pm on the Saturday before the festival so that we can get in touch with them to arrange a place to be displayed. Our competition rules are available below.

Prizes will be waarded as follows:

Best Scarecrow: £200
Most original scarecrow: £100
Best interpretation of theme: £100
Prize for technical/creative merit: £100
Best pun (scarecrow name): £50
Best guest scarecrow (from outside village): £100

Please complete the form below to ensure your scarecrow is judged!
Or you can download a form here and hand in to The Deli.

*Name / Title of Scarecrow:
*Name of Entrant:
*Age of Entrant:
Under 10
10 - 16
Over 16
*Contact No (w/e):
*Email address:
*Outside Village (and need somewhere to display)?


1. Anyone is welcome to enter the scarecrow competition!
2. To participate, entrants must submit completed registration forms and have their scarecrows on display by the required time.
3. Either complete the form above or download a registration form which can be submitted by hand at The Deli
4. For those of you in the Parish of Belbroughton and Fairfield, registration forms must be submitted by 12 noon on Saturday 17 September 2022.
5. For those outside of the Parish, registration forms must be submitted by 5pm on Saturday 10 September 2022.
6. If you live outside the Parish, you need to get in touch with us (details on the registration form). Your scarecrow will need to be transported into the village in order for it to be judged. Provided you contact us in good time, we will endeavour to provide you with a space to display your scarecrows (subject to availability on a first come first served basis). Participants are responsible for arranging transport of their scarecrow.
7. All scarecrows must be on display in the Parish by 12 noon on 17 September 2022.

1. There aren't really any rules as to how you have to build your scarecrow. All we ask is that you include some straw somewhere - it wouldn't be a scarecrow otherwise!
2. This year's theme is Kings and Queens and Everything between. Your scarecrow should fit into this theme - although whatever you do, please keep it polite and appropriate!
3. Your scarecrow should be named, with that name being clearly displayed for identification purposes.

1. Only scarecrows registered in time will be considered by the judges (although the judges will have discretion to consider late entries).
2. Judges will be selected by the committee. Judging will be undertaken on the afternoon of Saturday 17 September 2022.
3. This year, scarecrows will be judged on the following criteria:
a. Interpretation of the theme
b. Originality
c. Artistic/creative skills
A maximum of 10 marks will be available in each category. Prize winners will be determined by reference to the marks awarded to each scarecrow - in the event of tied scoring, the judges will decide the winner.

1. For participants from the Parish, the following prizes will be available:
a. Best Scarecrow 2022 - £200
b. Most original scarecrow - £100
c. Prize for technical/creative merit - £100
d. Best interpretation of the theme - £100
e. Best pun (scarecrow name) - £50
2. For scarecrows from outside the Parish, a £100 prize will be available for the Best Guest Scarecrow.
3. Prize winners will be announced and presentations will be made at the Scarecrow Festival on Sunday 18 September at the Recreation Ground (timing to be confirmed).
4. Except for the "best pun" category, a scarecrow may only win one award.

1. The scarecrow committees' and judges' interpretation of these rules (and any decisions made by them) are absolutely final - and can't be challenged!
2. The rules are subject to change at any time (without notice).
3. By entering the scarecrow competition you confirm that you accept these rules.
4. The Belbroughton Scarecrow Festival raises money for local and national charities and good causes and is operated by Belbroughton CIC.