17th & 18th SEPTEMBER

Belbroughton Scarecrow Festival FAQs

1 When will the Scarecrow Festival take place?
Traditionally Belbroughton has held the event on a weekend towards the end of September and this year it will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2022

2 Is there a theme for the Scarecrows?
The theme for 2022 is Kings and Queens and Everything between.

3 What can I expect to see?
Scarecrow scarecrows and more scarecrows.

4 Do I have to pay to visit?
Admission will be £12 per vehicle. This covers both safe and secure parking and entrance festival events.

5 What are the traffic management arrangements and parking restrictions?
We've employed a traffic management company to help get you parked as quickly as possible. For your safety and convenience the areas with "no parking cones" have a legally enforceable parking suspension. Offending vehicles will be issued with a fixed penalty notice and if the vehicle is deemed to be causing an obstruction it may be towed.

The Scarecrow Committee has no control over which vehicles get tickets and which get towed and we don't get any money from parking enforcements.

6 Can I bring my pet dog?
Well-behaved and child-friendly dogs are welcome on a lead. Please keep your dog under control.

7 Will there be attractions and events outside of the event area?
Yes absolutely! Ours is a vibrant and bustling village with a number of pubs, clubs and shops all of whom will be plying their wares and we wish them the very best of luck. Your safety is paramount to us, followed closely by providing a quality and value event. Belbroughton Scarecrow Committee that organises the Scarecrow Festival only arranges the events inside the event areas on the trail map. If you are unfortunate enough to have cause for concern with anything outside these areas, please take it up directly with the trader concerned.

8 Why do you charge for parking/entrance?
Well to be honest the event is a charity fundraiser. To host the event each year there are fixed costs of around £20,000 that have to be covered so without charging for parking it would just not be possible to put on an event.

9 Who benefits from the monies raised each year?
A number of local and carefully selected national charities who strike a chord with our village benefit from any surplus we raise.

10 Who actually runs the event each year?
This year the event is run by Belbroughton Community Interest Company This is a not-for-profit limited company and the directors do not draw a salary nor receive any financial gain from the company. So why do it? Well, quite simply it is a legal protection for all parties including the organisers.

11 What happens if it rains on the event weekend?
We all know just what a difference the weather can make to the Scarecrow Festival and barring exceptionally heavy rain that could make the event hazardous, then we will be having fun no matter what the weather brings.

12 Is there a competition for the best scarecrow?
Yes. The judging takes place on Saturday afternoon and goes on late onto Saturday evening. The winner will be announced on Sunday morning.
To make sure your scarecrow is taken into account by the judges, be sure to submit your registration form on time. The registration form can be downloaded by clicking here.

13 Do I need to be from Belbroughton to enter the scarecrow competition?
No, you don't. We welcome scarecrows from outside Belbroughton - and even have a special £100 prize for the best one. We do need the scarecrow to be displayed in the village though. So if you are interested in participating, submit a registration form to us and we will be in touch with more information as to how you can join in the fun. Last year the standard out of village scarecrows was incredible, thank you and keep them coming!

14 How can I contact the organisers if I wish to request having a stall at the event? (or any other general queries)?
All stalls for 2022 are now booked.

15 Will there be disabled parking facilities?
Priority parking for blue badge holders is in the main car park off Hartle Lane - but please be aware this is a stubble field and is uneven. It is unlikely to be suitable for mobility scooters. Please have your blue badge clearly visible and you will be directed to parking close to the event entrances.

16 Will there be toilets available at the event?
Yes - visitors are well catered for with toilets located across the event areas and in the car parks.
There will be more toilets and baby changing facilities than ever before, again we've listened to the feedback and responded accordingly